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Memory lane~ [edit][edit2]

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 12:55 AM


:damphyr: Journal --

I'm going through the galleries of some old friends and hooooooly crap memories. Memories of Lupe Chats, Pet Chats, and the guild.

Boy, we were all overly sensitive. xD;

But I still kinda wanna go back to that, you know? It was a dramafest, but that's sorta what made it so fun and interesting. Imagine if we hadn't overreacted to shit and instead used stuff like infidelity to make for a more interesting roleplay?

And it was interesting! The flirts, the plots, the drama involved. Imagine if I didn't act a whiny pissbaby and decided to keep Kint alive. I could have made him an awesome bad guy!
"Okay, I'm sick of my wife practically cheating on me left, right, and sideways with that alien's douchebag of a father, so you know what? FUCK IT. Come on, Lupe pack buddies, let's go and try to kill these bitches!"
And Renni starts to fear daddy, which brings her closer to mommy, and anytime the roleplays are slow, I bring in Kint to fuck shit up. |D
Oh, come on! That would have been fun. 8I

I still want to recreate the Pet Chats, by the by. I just suck at talking and explaining things to newbies, so I don't have the guts. But damn, do I want to! Especially now that I'm no longer a stickler for the rules or against sexualized roleplays or creating base-offs. Hell, whatever makes it fun for you, you know? I'd love to experience that again, honestly.


Also going through my gallery and why the fuck did I ever think I sucked ass at art?!

Mischievous Kiss by Blayzes

Star Shower by Blayzes
There's also this cute little fucker. Yes, her ears are too big. Yes, her shoulder is off. Yes, the glow looks a little crappy.
I'm looking at my crap, and for once, I'm not critical or ashamed of it. I actually LIKE it.

Not to mention these:

Azia - Redesign by Blayzes
Trojah - Human by Blayzes
Azia - Beauty Contest Entry by Blayzes
Cinnamon Blue Cover - Contest by Blayzes
Fear - Request by Blayzes

Yeah, none of them are perfect or insanely awesome, but that doesn't make them bad! Why did I ever abandon this? Why did I ever doubt that I could be, at the very least, a decent artist? Why did I ever look at these pictures and see only shit? And why do I feel like I may never again be this good?


Also, I just came across one of Trojah's (then Kagami) old backstories, one which I thought was overly complicated and shitty.
Help with Kagami again. n.n;I need some advice regarding Kagami's overly-complicated backstory. Here's the rundown of it:
  Since infancy, Kagami's soul was merged with the demon, Orien, who took cover within Kagami, using the last of her power, to keep herself alive. Before doing so, Orien had been put within an inch of her life by the Galaxy Police, the leader of whom was a werevamp and succeeded in turning Orien into one before she was forced to flee to Kagami.
  As Kagami got older, she became friends and fell in love with a boy named Shiro. Orien didn't like the closeness between them, feeling it would hinder her quest to become free again and would make it harder to make Kagami comply to her wishes. So she turned Kagami into a werevamp, and Kagami proceeded to kill Shiro. When she awoke and realized what she had done, fearing for the safety of her parents, she fled to live secretly in the woods. There, she met two friends who cared far more for each other than her, and showed it in every

Is it just me, or is this story actually not bad? Trojah's other backstory sucked, but I kinda like this one. I may use it for a future character.


:damphyr: Status --

Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
Novel & Script Roleplay: Open


:damphyr: Favorite Artists --

:iconcareko: :iconcirustar: :iconkimyoshiko: :iconkuitsuku:


:damphyr: Stamps --

Kingdom Hearts Stamp by halofarm Stamp that never was. by jeeshgirl
Aqua Fan Stamp by Blayzes Xion Stamp by agent-ayu
Namine by Ellexon Kairi Stamp by aliac
Stop dissin' Xion haters by Blayzes Kairi Fan Stamp by Blayzes
just friends by Brixyfire Roxas+Namine Stamp by Jokersita
TerraxAqua Stamp by Blayzes Sora and Kairi Stamp by AngelShizuka
King Mickey saved my ASS by gw33t3r-love Pout II Stamp by ladychimera
Disney fan stamp by Bea-Gonzalez The Lion King DA Stamp by CharfadeStamps
Kiara Stamp by RogueLottie Nala Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-sama
Disney Frozen Stamp by TwilightProwler We Love Elsa by stampsnstuff
Wish I Could Be by azianwolfdoll Brave (Disney-Pixars) Stamp by IngwellRitter
Stitch Stamp by Thunderbirmon Bambi stamp by AutumnDeer
Warriors Stamp by Superior-Silverfox Breezepelt by WarriorsResources
Leafpool Stamp by Blayzes Squirrelflight Stamp by Blayzes
LeafpoolxCrowfeather Stamp by Blayzes Jays Wing and Half Moon by Lunasoar
Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose ron and hermione stamp by laur-star
Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan I take Pokemon too seriously by Chikoritas
Fennekin Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps .:Ash $ Misty Stamp:. by Jedi-Kinomi
Digital Attraction by HalloweenSora Anime IS Art Stamp by Sheikah-ness
Stamp - Non-Shitty OCs by foxlee PNG Pride by Abfc
..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolar I fave and run because... by Squid-Stamps
I refuse... Stamp by ladychimera Slow interwebz by prosaix
What the Hell Stamp by SparkLum I don't give a fu-k by Blayzes
F-ing Stamp... by catz1313 I cuss a lot. by FANGIE-CHAN
: Fluffy Pink Kittens  stamp : by Tibb-Wolf A Kid Inside Stamp by Drake09
True to Your Sexuality Stamp by CrimsonNightWind Support GAY marriage by emmil
Be Yourself by fear-the-brilliance Around Friends Stamp by SparkLum
Rape is serious. by MartianMeerkat Suicide isn't funny. by MartianMeerkat

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